Mobile Application Development Process

In Today’s time making a mobile application for your business is the part of your marketing strategy. An application that has the capabilities to attract audience can help you to grow your business. Thousands of mobile applications are submitted daily to Play Store or App Store. So making a unique identity between these apps you have to follow a professional Mobile Application Development Process.

Process of Developing a Mobile Application

1. App Idea: An app idea is the essential part of app development. You should think about what type of your application will be and how an application will represent your business clearly. You have to make a research among the applications which are similar to your application and already existed. You have to think a new and unique idea about an application. You have to determine that what problem can occur during development of your application, and you have to think all possible things that your application needed.

2. Create Wireframe: Next phase is the creation of documentation and wireframe of the app. Wireframe is the process to create a detailed sketch of the workflow of an application. Many of the people think that wireframe is a time consuming process, but it is very useful for your app idea. If you have created a wireframe of an application, and you need to change the flow of your application or make some changes in its usability you can easily track your workflow in wireframe and can make changes easily. You should also create a roadmap, to demonstrate the relationship between each screen and how users will interact with the application.

3. Technical Feasibility: The next phase is a technical feasibility assessment. In this phase you have to decide that for what platform you want to develop your application like as Android, IOS, etc. And you have to choose a back end system if needed to develop an application. You have to keep your audience in mind before selecting a platform, that which platform your targeted audience uses most.

4. Design: Design of an application is the most important part, if you have a solid functionality, but design interface of your application is not good than all of your efforts go to west. Design is the area that attracts the audience most. Application design is a multi step process where you have to create multiple designs that fit into your app idea and have to choose the best one of them. A user interface gives you a look and feel to your application, so you have to think as a user about this.

5. Development: The next phase is development when your app is being shaped in an application. As the development progresses, the app goes through the various stages. A large application can be divided into smaller modules, and agile methodology can be applied for each small module.  It is very easy to develop an application in modules, because it breaks the scope of an application in parts, so the flow of application can be easily managed. It helps with flexible planning, progressive development and early deployment.

6. Testing: Development of an application without issues is impossible thus we use testing process to find the issues. Testing goes parallel with the development process, after completing a module it goes into testing where a quality tester to check for the bugs in the application, and revert them to the developer to fix the bugs. An application is tested for usability, compatibility, security and performance. Once your application passes through the testing process, then it is ready for beta trial version. Beta version helps you to get valuable feedback from users.

7. Deployment: This is the last process of your mobile application development process. In this phase you have to submit your application on Play store or App Store. All Stores have different rules and regulations for deploying an application, so before deploying read them carefully and follow their procedure to deploy an application. Deployment is not the end of your application, so get updated with market changes and release a newer version of your app with updates at regular basis.

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