Ionic Vs Xamarin – How to Choose one over another

Technology is changing day by day. If you are going to develop a mobile application, Mobile Application Development Companies offers you various platforms or frameworks to develop application depending on the nature of your business. Your budget is also a key factor to choose frameworks for your application.

This is not an easy task for a company of individual to decide a perfect mobile application framework that meet the requirement of multi-platform functionality. There are two options to develop an application first is a Hybrid HTML Application and the second one is Native Application  are many frameworks to develop a Hybrid and Native application, in this blog we will examine the two most popular framework Ionic and Xamarin.

What is Hybrid Html and Native Application?

Hybrid Html Mobile Applications are those who, built with the help of web technologies like HTML, Javascript, CSS.

Native applications are cross-platform applications that use one programming language across multiple platforms. Or we can say that it plays an intermediate language role to communicate between multiple platforms.

Ionic used for developing Hybrid Html Application, whereas Xamarin used to develop cross-platform native application.

We can compare between Ionic and Xamarin in various manners:

Cost Comparison:

·         Ionic is an open source platform, that is available free of cost to use. Ionic cloud services provide free push notifications at a certain number. After that you have to pay some additional fee to send push notification.

·         Xamarin is the framework of Microsoft, You can use its basic feature for free and have to pay for additional features. You can use Xamarin studio for (MAC) and visual studio community edition for (windows).

Quality Comparison:
  • ·         Native Applications that developed by Xamarin loads faster than a Hybrid Html                        Application those developed by Xamarin.

  • ·         Native Applications uses less memory than a Hybrid Html Application.

  • ·         Native Applications perform faster than a Hybrid Html Application.

 Design interface Comparison:
  • ·         Xamarin uses Xamarin designer studio to design a UI that is platform specific, whereas              Ionic uses its web based Ionic Creator studio.
  • ·         Ionic creator requires a user account to design UI.
  • ·          Ionic creator provides a free service to design UI, but it has public privacy. To make your          privacy private you have to pay for it.
  • ·         Ionic Creator is not suitable for game design.

Development Ease:

·         In Ionic you have to compile again and again after implementing a new APIs.

·         In Xamarin Visual Studio provides you a built in previewer that allows you to preview pages, created by you.

·         Xamarin is a powerful platform that suits .Net Developers
·         Ionics applications consume much time and money in comparison to Xamarin.  


After Comparison between cost, quality, design and development ease you can go with what you want and which framework suits perfectly your requirements.