Challenges Faced By IOS Developers

IOS is the best platform developed by Apple, that is widely used by mobile users. Apple is an active platform that upgrades its ios version in a few months or a year. So for developers it is challenging task to develop an application that works smoothly on its newer version as well as older versions.
By the way Application Development is challenging for all platforms, because every application has its unique functionality, design and platform. Some of the most common challenges that are faced by ios developers are listed below.

1. Application Compatibility: This is the most common problem faced by ios developers. There is a wide range of Apple devices that comes with different OS. It is very necessary to develop an application that supports all devices like iPhone, iPad etc. A developer needs to test an application on all the products of apple and with all OS. If an application does not compatible with any version of OS, it may cause in app crash.

2. App Performance and Battery Consumption: Battery is always a concern for developers, while developing an application. If a user finds that the application is draining  battery faster then, he can removes application immediately. So in a user’s aspect it is very necessary to develop an application  that uses less battery power, and does not execute any process in the background if not needed.

3. User Interface of an Application: As we all know Apple is known for its neat and clean user interface, so a user always expects more with user interface in an application. So it is very challenging task to develop an application which design interface attracts users. So app designers need to get updated with the latest designing techniques and tools that help them to design better user interface.

4. App Store Approval Process: App Store approval process is the most important phase of an application. After successful development of an application deployment phase comes in where developers deploy their App on App Store. App Store has its rules and regulations for deploy an application, that should be strictly followed by the application developer. An app can be rejected by App Store if an application does not follow any of the terms and condition.

Security: Apple is always known for its security feature, that is getting better with the new versions. Security is the essential part that increases the efficiency of an application. User always look out security features, before using it. So for a developer it is very important to keep user’s data encrypted. An application that includes any transactions, that should use three tier architecture to validate user authentication.

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