Best Music Apps for Android

Music has become the first choice while you want to take a break from work or while travelling. The lyrics of music make you feel relax from stress. As the listeners of music increasing, there are many apps developed and available on the app store to take care the choice of music lovers with enriched features. Here is the list of some music player apps that a user would like to use while listening music.    

1. Google Play Music: Google Play is the default app for android mobiles. You just have to sign in with your gmail id and you can access all of the songs of your choice. The best feature of this app is that, it provides the facility to add up to 50000 songs in its upload manager. The another best feature of this app is, it’s ads free, so it does not irritate while listening music. This app is free to use and you can upgrade it in very low price. If you subscribe this app, then you can access YouTube Red videos also.

2. Poweramp: Poweramp is the best Android app for music lovers. It supports many types of audio formats, so you can listen audio songs smoothly. It comes with audio equalizer, so you can make an audio perfect for you. Poweramp is available free for 15 day trial, after that you have to pay 3.99$ to continue its services. It has home and lock screen widget, and library search option that makes it fast and easy to use.

3. Musicolet: Musicolet is an android player that is very easy to use with enriched features. You can save the music on the cloud and can listen them without an internet connection. You can listen to your local music files in this player. Musicolet provides a feature of multi-queue manager for managing albums or playlists. It has a tag editor, a sleep timer and widgets that make it easier to use. This app is known for its functionality, rather than its style. It is available free to download on play store.

4. Phonograph: Phonograph is a very good music player app for Android. The user interface of Phonograph is very neat and clean that is very easy to use. It has enriched feature of tag editing, and playlist management that makes it an amazing app. Background color of this app is changed automatically according to the album art, so it gives a gorgeous look to feel. It has features like sleep timer and equalizer that attracts the most users. This app contains no ads and available for free to download from android app store.  

5. Amazon Music: Amazon music is the best Android app to play local music from phone. You can create and edit playlist and customize your choice of music. You can stream audio, in car or home theatre via Bluetooth connectivity. You can purchase new music in this app and can store it on the cloud server or phone. If you are an amazon prime subscriber, you can access a massive library of music without containing ads.

6. Pandora: Pandora is the top rated music app, that you can download from Android app store for free. It has a massive library of songs, you can select your favorite artist, that you would love to listen. You can also rate your favorite song. It works best with low internet connection also. Pandora has a website also, so you can listen music on your computer also.

7. Shazam: Shazam is a very popular music app. You have to sing a song that’s being played then it searches for that songs songs and plays for you. You also can share what you discover, You can read the reviews on album, and can create a Pandora station for a particular album. You have to sign up through your email or social media account to use shazam. Every song that is identified by Shazam, is saved as a tag for that user. You can share your tags with your friends also. This app is available for free to use.

8. Spotify: Spotify is the awesome app for music lovers. You can follow your favorite artist and can play songs from your local storage. You can create a radio station on Spotify that plays recommended music based on your choice. You can find music by new releasing, favorite artist, and album. It sends you a push notification when a new album released, so you can get updates from your favorite music and listen them. Spotify app available for free to download on Android App Store.

9. SoundCloud: SoundCloud is a popular to listen music. The best feature of  this app is that, you can upload your own audio on it. If you love to sing songs than this app gives you the best platform to show your talent where other users can listen your music and can review that. You can also search for music, artist, and album  of other users. You can create a customized playlist of your favorite music and can share that with other users. This app is available for free to use.

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