How to Protect Your App Idea from Being Stolen

This is the time of technology and mobile, and this is the era of Mobile Application Developmet. So there are a lot of possibilities to present a unique idea and make it big. It is very hard, If you are an entrepreneur and have a unique app idea in your mind and want to keep it secret, whether it comes into reality.

You have to choose a Best App Development Company to make your idea into reality, and for that you have to share your idea with company and developers and business consultants. So, there are chances to get stolen of your app idea if anyone has a minimal information about it.
So, How to protect your idea from being stolen is the biggest question nowadays. There are several ways that can help to protect your app idea.

v  Copyright Your App: Copyright is one of the basic way to your idea being stolen by others or your competitors. You can Copyright of your app user interface and code. You can claim a copyright issue if someone completely copies your app or app code. But at some points copyright fails to protect your idea completely. If someone nicked your app idea and make certain changes in it, then you can’t claim a copyright issue to that person. You can claim it only if he completely copies your idea. This is the main drawback of copyright, Even if you can protect many things of your idea by copyrighting it.

v  Share Information to minimal: How much you keep secret your app idea, chances of stolen your idea is also low. In Some cases you have to share whole your idea with companies or developers who are working on it, there you should not discuss detailed idea at a time. You have to reveal your secret with the development process of your app.  So keep trying to share your app idea with minimal and trusted peoples or companies in proper planned modules.

v  Choose Non-Disclosure Agreements: This is the safest way to protect your idea. The Non –Disclosure Agreement is a detailed terms and conditions document that you have to get signed by a company who is working on your app idea that no any confidential information related to your app will be shared to another person or your competitors.

You can mention in that all the information is confidential between you and the developers of a company, And no one can reuse or share that information. If you are start ups and looking for investors for your idea, also that time NDA (non-disclosure agreement) can be the best option for you to keep information confidential.

v  Patent Your App: Patent is the strongest form to protect your app functionality. Patent is a detailed public disclosure of an unique invention. By patent you app no one of your competitors can use your app functionality. It is a lengthy process to patent app rights so you have to start this process as soon as possible.   

v  Trademarking: As we all know a brand is always known by their logo, fonts, icons and features. You can identify a big brand app (like Facebook, Whats app) by just only their logo and icons. Trademarking is the best solution to protect your app logo, font, icons and features to being stolen. It restricts your competitors to create same app that looks like yours and provide the same features as your app.

v  Start with Basic Service: However, your app idea is too good and all feature and services you want to provide your audience are very nice, but you should not reveal all features at a time. First, start with the basic service of your app wait for audience response about your app, and then reveal your best feature one by one. That will help you to keep updated on the market.

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